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Spanish & ESL Online Zoom Lessons

& High School Spanish Tutoring

Free Trial Lesson!

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Chào mừng!
Join me on the Road to Languages! Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Would you like to improve your English?  I will customize a learning program for you based on your  interests and level. I love languages and I am passionate about teaching. Allow me to guide you on your journey to learning a new language.
Reva Larson

Reva Larson

What's your name? Dialog in Spanish & English
Spanish & English Actions
Spanish Zoom Lesson


Free Trial Lesson ~ 1 hr

1 Lesson                     $75/hr 


4 Lessons: $260   $65/hr   

8 Lessons: $480   $60/hr            

1 Lesson


4 Lessons: $300


8 Lessons: $560


most popular

Small groups of family & friends

(2-5 people) share the cost.

Small Groups

Learn based on your level, needs, & interests







Telling Time

At the Office









& more


Alphabet &

Pronunciation Numbers

Subject Pronouns:

yo-I, tú-you, etc.

Say what you like:

Me gusta...-I like...

Articles: el, la, los,

las, un, una, unos..

Conjugate verbs:

present tense:

yo hablo-I speak

tú comes-you eat

past tense:

élla comió-she ate

& more

Workplace & Special Interests


Family & Social

Health Care

Law Enforcement

Computers & Technology 

The Office

Education & Childcare



Customer Service



& more


Spanish & ESL
(English as a Second Language)


Adult, High School, & Children

Tutoring for HS Spanish Levels  1 -AP


Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversation, Reading, & Writing


Beginner, Intermediate, &  Advanced

  Lesson Packets Provided in PDF Files  

Free Trial Lesson ~ 1 hr

1-on-1 & Small Groups

4 & 8 Lesson Packages 

1-on-1 & Small Groups 


 best value  

1-on-1 Lesson 
1 Lesson ~ $75/hr

Small Group Lesson
 1 Lesson ~ $85/hr 

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Spanish present -ar verbs
Classroom Spanish & English
Basic Phrases Spanish & English
Calendar Spanish & English



Laura Furuyama

Former Instructor 

Milpitas Adult Education

Former Colleague & Student in Reva's Spanish Zoom Class with Milpitas Adult Ed.

Best of the Best!

Whether you are interested in learning English or Spanish, Reva is the right teacher for the job! She is an expert teacher with many years of experience. Under her guidance, you will be speaking and enjoying your new language in no time at all. Reva is super organized and very patient. Her website and resources are comprehensive and extremely helpful. She also creates individualized lessons to help you grow based on your particular needs. As a former colleague of Reva’s, I can speak to her professionalism and expertise as an instructor. As a former student, I can tell you that her class was engaging, fun, and highly effective. When you choose to work with Reva, you are choosing the best, and you are also choosing someone who will make your experience rewarding and enjoyable. 


Kim Bravo

Former Instructor 

Milpitas Adult Education

Former Colleague & Student in Reva's Spanish Zoom Class with Milpitas Adult Ed.

Reva is an amazing and extremely knowledgeable Spanish teacher.  She is passionate about teaching and has great patience with students to make sure they understand the assignments. Reva taught at the pace of the student while always affirming our successes and encouraging us with new and fun assignments.  I personally have made many attempts to overcome fears of learning to speak Spanish, this was the first time I have been able to face these challenges through Reva’s calm manner of teaching and I have surpassed my expectations in learning Spanish.  I would highly recommend Reva’s online classes as I will continue to work with her on my Spanish.


Martin Gonzalez

Former Instructor 

Milpitas Adult Education

Former Colleague & Student in Reva's Spanish Zoom Class with Milpitas Adult Ed.

Taking classes with Reva is always fun; you never get bored! I met Reva at MUSD. I was a beginner in Spanish and needed to improve quickly for my new teaching position. I studied Spanish with her for three months and I could not be more satisfied. I am now an intermediate student! Reva is highly qualified; she is a well prepared, professional, and attentive teacher - and a very nice person as well. She customizes lessons to suit your level and needs, so that you can improve faster. Her online lessons are just perfect for beginners as well as intermediate learners! Reva helped me a lot during my time with MUSD. She helped me prepare for conversational speaking and gave me precious tips to be successful in Spanish. I´ll go on studying Spanish with Reva and I highly recommend her as your Spanish teacher. She is the best!

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